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Growing Healthy Kids in Idaho

Let's feed our "Gap Children"

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Over 30,000 hungry children in Idaho schools do not qualify for free meals because their family income is just above the cut-off level. These are the children of Idaho's working poor. They look good on paper, but the reality is they are just one car repair, one furnace going out, or one prolonged illness from having to make some tough choices. Teachers and food staff know that for many of these Gap Children, if they aren't eating at school, they likely aren't eating at home either. Feed the Gap stands with these children in the school cafeteria to assure they are covered for those meals during an emergency.

Everyone knows proper nutrition is essential to children growing and achieving their potential. When children are well fed and secure, they can focus on learning, and they can be happier and more well-adjusted among their peers. They can thrive, and when children do better, it makes Idaho a better place for all of us.

Feed the Gap, Inc, is a 501 C-3 nonprofit fundraising organization collaborating with Idaho schools to make sure there are no hungry children.